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What’s It Like In Gahanna OH?

Gahanna is very community-oriented, with the city hosting many events throughout the year. There are also several city programs, such as active seniors, the herb center, and out of school camps and classes. 

Gahanna is mainly residential, with main shopping areas in the south and the northwest areas. The John Glenn Columbus International Airport is also just to the south of Gahanna.

The area is also well known for stellar schools, excellent amenities, and dozens of parks.

You’ll Love Gahanna If You’re Looking For…

Inexpensive: Despite having a lower cost of living than the US, the average Gahhanian receives more money than the average American.

Great schools: Parents rave about the Gahanna-Jefferson school district as well as the after school learning provided by the city.

Parks: Gahanna’s Parks and Rec department hosts dozens of parks, several miles of walking trails, and a recreation center.

Great location: Gahanna is near both the Columbus airport and the city itself, located along the outer belt as well as Hwy 670, Gahanna is well connected to the rest of the area.

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Where Is Gahanna Ohio?

Gahanna is centrally located in the Columbus area on highways 62, 270, and 670. The city is about 7 miles outside of Downtown Columbus as the crow flies. Gahanna borders Columbus to the south and west, Jefferson Township to the east, and New Albany to the north. As mentioned before, the city is also just north of the John Glenn Columbus International Airport.

Schools In Gahanna Ohio

Gahanna is part of the Gahanna-Jefferson school district, which houses many options, such as Lincoln High School, Gahanna East Middle School, and Chapelfield Elementary. Private education options include Columbus Academy, St. Matthew’s Catholic School, and Gahanna Christian Academy.

For college, Gahanna is around 8 miles away from Ohio State, and 6.5 miles from Columbus State Community College.


Working In Gahanna Ohio

Gahanna is a suburban community located close to Downtown Columbus. Therefore, it is in proximity to many downtown employment options, such as state and city government, JP Morgan Chase, and the Grant Medical Center. Gahanna itself offers many job options, primarily in Easton Town Center in the northwest and “The Industrial Zone” in the south.

Parks In Gahanna Ohio

Gahanna tends to go all out when it comes to parks and recreation. First off, there are several walking trails in Gahanna Woods Park and along the Big Walnut Creek. The city also hosts dozens of parks and nature reserves. On top of all of that, there are three pools and a public golf course! For a full list of parks, visit:

Gahanna Ohio Attractions

Gahanna is a big town with big ideas. These big ideas can turn into some really fun attractions and things to do, such as:

Wyandotte Winery

Located just north of Gahanna, Wyandotte Winery has been serving the Columbus area with fine wines since 1977. It is the oldest (and probably the best) winery in central Ohio.

Address: 4640 Wyandotte Dr, Columbus, OH 43230

Visit Website: 

Ohio Herb Education Center

The Ohio Herb Center’s mission is to educate the public about herbs and plants in everyday life. They succeed in doing this by hosting classes, an herbal tea circle, and workshops.

Address: 110 Mill St, Gahanna, OH 43230

Visit Website: 

Lazer Kraze

Lazer Kraze is a great way to have some exhilarating fun for both kids and adults. Lazer Kraze offers laser tag, an indoor trampoline park, and cybersport, a bumper car game.

Address: 5524 N Hamilton Rd, Gahanna, OH 43230

Visit Website:

The Golf Depot

The Golf Depot is a highly-recommended golf course and country club in Gahanna, Ohio. Customers rave about their course, private lessons, and even their restaurant!

Address: 789 Science Blvd, Gahanna, Ohio 43230

Visit Their Facebook Page:

Flickr photo by Ohio Redevelopment Project

Top Restaurants In Gahanna

Gahanna has some great places to grab a bite or get a drink. And, since it’s so close to Columbus, residents have a wide selection of excellent restaurants to choose from without having to go very far. It’s hard to choose the best restaurants in Gahanna, but here are some of the most popular:

Golden Delight Bakery

At Golden Delight Bakery, customers rave about the cakes, as there are dozens of options. Golden Delight is many people’s go-to spot for all kinds of baked goods.

Address: 246 Lincoln Cir Ste C, Gahanna, OH 43230

Visit their Facebook Page to learn more:


Arepazo isn’t your traditional Latin American restaurant. Many say that the food leans toward flavor more than spice, and that is what makes Arepazo so uniquely delicious. Arepazo is also famous for its tapas and empanadas.

Address: 93 N High St, Gahanna, OH 43230

Visit Website: 

Northstar Cafe

People consistently say the same thing about Northstar Cafe: it is the best place to get brunch in the area. Northstar makes people want to come back, with a friendly atmosphere and great food, what could you not love about it?

Address: 4015 Townsfair Way, Columbus, OH 43219

Visit Website:

Gahanna Ohio: Then & Now

Gahanna began in 1849 as a village along the Big Walnut Creek. In its early days, the community had a rivalry with the adjacent Bridgeport. However, the two eventually merged, and soon after the village of Gahanna was incorporated.

Gahanna remained small until the 1950s, when the Columbus area grew tremendously, and Gahanna was the next area to receive massive development.

Today, Gahanna has around 35,000 residents and is a top spot to move to in Central Ohio.

Photos Around Town in Gahanna Ohio

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