Galena is a small village north of the main Columbus metro. The village gives off a great community vibe, as with any place of just under 700 people, everyone knows each other. Despite its small size, Galena is still a great, if not better place to live compared to many other towns in Ohio. There is even a central green space, where residents can chat and hang out.

Why is Galena so amazing?

Historic Community: Galena has a great community environment where people talk with their neighbors and friends. The town is also very historic, as almost 40% of homes were built before WWII.

Beautiful Scenery: Galena is nestled away in the forest, on the shore of the gorgeous Hoover Reservoir. It is a great place to go hiking through the forest on a breezy afternoon.

Convenience: Galena is very close to both Westerville and Sunbury, places with plenty of jobs and shops.

Great for Families: First off, 40% of residents are married with children. The schools and parks in the area are also stellar, which combines to make a great place for a family to live.

Where is Galena?

Galena is located in eastern Delaware County, surrounded by Sunbury to the north, the Hoover Reservoir to the south, and Westerville to the southwest. N State St/Hwy 3 also passes through the area, which brings you directly to downtown Columbus.

Education in Galena

Galena is a part of the Big Walnut School District, along with Sunbury. The district has 7 schools, which include Walnut Creek Elementary, Berkshire Middle, and Big Walnut High. All of these schools are highly rated by many sources.

Working in Galena

Being a small, growing town, it would be possible for you to start up your own business downtown. Another option is working in the nearby Sunbury or Westerville, which both have opportunities in other fields.

Galena’s Parks

Galena has 2 parks and 2 official walking trails. These are maintained by the Galena Parks and Recreation Department. Both parks, (Miller Park and Ruffner Park) have playgrounds and pavilions to play and relax. As for the walking trails, one is in Miller Park and the other crosses Big Walnut Creek.