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Life in Lewis Center

Lewis Center Homes

Lewis Center is a part of Orange Township in Delaware County, OH. It was founded in the mid-1800s, but has seen a lot of development in the past decade due to the expansion of the Columbus area. The area is a patchwork of new neighborhood developments and beautiful, golden countryside.

What makes Lewis Center so great?

Location: Lewis Center has a rural, secluded vibe, but it is still connected to the rest of the Columbus Metro via major roads and highways. You can enjoy a calm, suburban atmosphere without being detached from where you need to be.

Beautiful Parks: As mentioned before, Lewis Center is near Alum Creek Lake, which hosts many parks and boat rentals, but there are also several parks away from the lake.

Awesome schools: Lewis Center is famous for its high-performing schools, as is all of Delaware county. Students consistently crush standardized tests and do well in sports as well.

Where is Lewis Center?

Lewis Center is a part of Orange Township, in southern Delaware county. It is located between Route 23 and I-71. It is near Westerville and Worthington, along with the townships of Berlin, Genoa, Sharon, and Liberty. The community is also near Alum Creek State Park, Polaris Mall, Highbanks Metro park, and the Columbus Zoo.

Lewis Center Schools

Lewis Center is part of the Olentangy School District, which is well known for high performance all around. Lewis Center itself is near Alum Creek and Heritage Elementary, Shanahan Middle, and Olentangy High School. There are also a few private and charter schools in the area.

Jobs In Lewis Center

Lewis Center is a quaint, residential community, yet many jobs are still nearby in Worthington, Westerville, and even closer to Downtown. Closer to home, there are positions at the Polaris mall as well as at other locations.

Lewis Center Recreation

Orange Township and Lewis Center have several parks, most notably Alum Creek State Park and Highbanks metro park. Alum Creek State Park has places for boating, fishing, canoeing, and more. The township also offers an aquatic center for residents of the region.

History Of Lewis Center

Up until the past couple of decades, Lewis Center was nothing more than a crossroads in the countryside. It was founded around 1850, and named after William L. Lewis, who gave up land in order to build a railroad station in the area. Lewis Center remained a small farming community until the 200s, when the Columbus suburbs expanded into the region.