Mortgage Lending Solutions
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Heather Lashaway or Carolyn Frey / 614-891-9625
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Mortgage Brokers offering wholesale pricing on Purchase, Refinance, and Rehab Loans
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Over the past 17 years, Mortgage Lending Solutions (MLS) has built a strong business foundation based on these basic principals:

  • They never lose sight of the most important aspects needed to make the process easier for buyers and their agents.
  • They focus on buyer-specific financial goals and needs. MLS educates throughout the many steps: pre-approval, finding the best suited product, loan origination, and eventual closing.
  • Mortgage Lending Solutions simplifies the process to help save time, money, and the frustration of rate shopping. MLS offers almost all available products under one roof.
  • Mortgage Lending Solutions has a customer service focused team. They work closely together to offer a smooth transition throughout the process of acquiring financing for home buyers.
  • MLS remains attentive to every detail beginning with the initial contact. After all, this is a major life event for home buyers.

Meet The Mortgage Lending Solutions Team

Carolyn FreyCarolyn Frey - Owner

  • In the business for more than 25 years
  • Shares her expertise through handling all of the technical aspects of the mortgage figures
  • Advises on and recommends the best product based on the buyers needs and goals, locks in rates, sends out loan estimates and disclosures, and addresses any fears, needs, and questions along the way.

Heather LashawayHeather Lashaway - Mortgage Consultant & Operations Manager

  • Advises on & recommends top products to best meet buyers needs & goals
  • Liaison between buyer, lending underwriter, title agency, appraiser, insurance agency…and all supporting parties necessary throughout the entire loan process.

Robin RosemeierRobin Rosemeier - Customer Experience Manager & Director of Marketing

  • Assists by quickly responding to agent and buyer questions regarding the pre-approval process
  • Coaches on the upcoming steps to expect from the MLS team
  • Focuses on the overall buying process
  • Enhances relationships to earn repeat business & referrals
  • Networks with top real estate agents and nurtures partnerships to ensure clients have the best possible overall experience

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